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Does It Work?

That’s about the only question that matters. Does this work? I know it does, Liberty Aid clients know it does, you don’t yet know if it does. So here’s some proof for you:

Subject: Thanks so much

Message Body:
This may help others,

Sent request to capital one on 8/22/16 using your process alleged amount owe $4,867
Sent Certified and NOTORIZED.

Today 09/01/2016

Alleged Debt has Vanished from all 3 credit bureaus.

Thanks Again,

Please keep name private



Proof: Verizon Wireless


Shannon Eileen, artist

Being a graduate student, artist and single mother is not an easy juggling match as too many moms know. Making it all work out all the time is not really an option financially. When the choice is between your financial well being or your children’s safety and health; the children are more important than your credit rating. If you want peace in your life contact Liberty Aid.

I had 3 derogatory accounts on my credit reports. One was a late paid credit card but still reading like I never paid it. One was a credit card that did not get paid. One was an unpaid cell phone bill. These derogatory accounts were all removed with Liberty Aid’s package. In my case, I sent the 2 letters and they removed themselves from my credit reports. My credit score jumped and I just got a new high limit no fee credit card on my first try. I created a new reality for my children and me, you can too.

Ben G.

Student Loan debt is something many people can relate to. Ben tried the Liberty Aid system and found his student loan debt was easily removed. We are so pleased to be able to assist Ben’s acceptance of debt freedom. He sent his two letters off and followed the steps exactly laid own in the Liberty Aid Package. His results were fast! His results were the complete removal of the account that was being collected and a letter from the creditor just as Ben asked for. Easy, no confrontation and the debt was removed.

Thanks so much Ben for sharing your success so others may be successful too. May all beings be free from suffering.

Cornelious Devaunch

I had been fighting like mad to save my house from foreclosure without success. My home was scheduled to be sold at a Sheriff’s sale auction in 10 days when I contacted Liberty Aid. I had all but given up on my seemingly hopeless situation. I mean, the foreclosure had already happened. I couldn’t imagine a solution at this point.

Within 5 days I gave the paperwork to the Sheriff and they called off the sale the next day. I was stunned beyond words. Now I am in the process of using this process on all my other debt. There is nothing to lose and so much to gain. The joy of the freedom from these bankers, debt collectors and the rest of the rabble trying to pick my pockets is now finally at an end. Please connect with me as I told Liberty Aid I would love to be a reference for their abilities. I recommend Liberty Aid to anyone who wants to remove their debt in a peaceful non confrontational manner.

Now What?

The fact is, you simply don’t owe any money to the banks. Their books prove it and you are simply going to practice good accounting and have them show you.

lapackageboxsmall This package is an electronic download that you can have access to just moments from now.

While there really are NO guarantees in life, here’s the guarantee I’m willing to extend to you:

Here’s Your Liberty Aid “You Do Your Part, We’ll Do Ours” 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Downloadable, information based packages are protected by our “You Do Your Part, We’ll Do Ours” 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Put any of our packages to work. If the results you receive are not satisfactory, please contact us within 90 days (and supply proof you put our material into action) and receive a 100% No Hassle refund of every penny paid. (Please note, due to the nature of one-on-one services, private consultations are non-refundable.)

To order a copy of the package and get access to it immediately via electronic download, just click the green button below.


Jack McCaig
Founder, Liberty Aid

Self-Service Debt Relief Package Order Form

P.S. Can our process help with educational loans? Check out this letter from Benjamin who gives you your answer:


P.P.S. I want to make a special note about Liberty Aid client feedback:

Liberty Aid respects all its clients’ privacy. You will only find references that have asked to tell others of their success. Your information and privacy are paramount to Liberty Aid. No information given to Liberty Aid will be shared with others unless you express your desire for Liberty Aid to do so in writing to us.

P.P.P.S. It probably comes as no surprise, but I get a lot of questions about how this works… whether it’s legal… and more about the details. Here are some answers for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Liberty Aid’s process of debt removal legal?

YES! Flat out yes in every way. This is a non-confrontational accounting method that resolves the conflict the lender is initiating by sending you a bill of some sort or placing something on your credit report. The focus of this method is to ask for the proof that the debt is owed. You are just being a good bookkeeper and ensuring that there has been no identity fraud by asking the lender to produce the original, not a copy, of the paperwork that proves you owe this bill. There is nothing illegal about asking a lender for proof that the debt is owed. That is not illegal, it is simply good accounting and makes sense for every bill or debt.

Will this impact my credit report?

This method of accounting will remove the account from all credit reports. It will be as if there was never a loan because there actually was not a loan and you will prove that. The lender will be sending a letter to all 3 credit reporting agencies to have the account removed so they will be removing it based on this information.

How does it work?

This is an accounting method to ensure you do your bookkeeping according to all the proper accounting rules. Let’s use an example. If you have a copy of a $100 dollar bill or an original $100 dollar bill, which one would you take if you could have either one? This is not a trick question. You would take the original right? Yes, sure you would.

What is a $100 dollar bill? Look on the top and it will tell you. It says “FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE” All dollar bills say that. What does that mean? It means the private corporation called FEDERAL RESERVE put out an IOU or NOTE. A note is a promissory note or an IOU, these all mean the same things. It is a debt instrument called a promissory note. Anyone can have a copy of these notes or dollar bills so only the individual that has the original $100 bill/promissory note/IOU has the item that has any value. A photo copy of a dollar bill is a forgery and you can’t use that or you will go to jail.

What is this pointing to? This. Whoever has your original promissory note is the one who may be owed money, if the note has not already been satisfied. If a company is saying you owe a debt and they do not have your original promissory note is trying to collect a debt illegally and fraudulently.

When a lender gives you a loan they were never a lender and the loan was not a loan. How do you know this? Because they do not have the original promissory note. Why don’t they have the note? After all I may have signed one and they had it at the time. This answer strangely is that that they cannot have the original note.

What? Yes, you read that right. All money is created by a lender the same way. You sign a promise to pay. The lender gives your promise to pay to the Federal Reserve, a private bank. The Federal Reserve takes your original promissory note and issues an equal value of their FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES/Dollars to you in a fair and equal exchange. They decided to do this note trade and you did too. A trade of equal value of debt is not a taxable event nor is it a loan.

Wait, so who has my note? The Federal Reserve has your note. And so only that private corporation could attempt to collect. But since they were issued an equal value of promissory notes by you, and they entered into this exchange of notes knowingly and willingly, you owe the Federal Reserve nothing.

Is the Federal Reserve trying to collect from you? NO! So do you owe anyone any debt? NO!

Do I really owe no debt?

In order to be the holder in due course of a debt you must actually hold the original note in your hand. What if they show up with the original note? They won’t. But if they do then they have to have all the original contracts that prove how they got ownership to that note. All other documents are only hearsay evidence and of no value and inadmissable in a courtroom setting, if it should come to that.

Well what if they have all of the correct original paperwork? They won’t. But if they do then you have debt that is private, like between friends and Liberty Aid does not assist with removing those debts as they are valid. Liberty Aid methods of debt removal only apply to public debt from a lender, like a bank, credit card company, government, credit union, financing company, etc etc etc. It just doesn’t work if you lent your neighbor money, that still stands.

Tired of the banks’ trickery and high fees? So are we. And, it turns out they are not owed any loans. Liberty Aid guarantees it!

What if everyone does this?

Then everyone would have a world at peace. Your children and your grandchildren and on down the line would have no debt. We would finally have clean water, no war, clean food, abundance in every way with no one left out. That is a world we can all be safe and happy in. Liberty Aid is trying to achieve that dream in reality. Won’t you please join us in setting all people free from the yoke of debt. Isn’t it your turn to be set free to do as you please? We think so.

What is the guarantee?

The guarantee is quite simple. If you purchase the guarantee and go through the process and do not have success we will refund the entire amount of the package price to you upon receipt of the scanned copies of your documents proving the process did not work for you as prescribed. Simple? Yes, we think so too. Liberty Aid is just that confident of your success.

Does this process work outside the U.S.?

While this process is NOT specifically intended to remove debt outside the USA, at the root, the process is simply ASKING FOR PROOF. The slavery debt system is the exact same everywhere. All Rothschild banks in every country have been doing the exact same thing forever. In Rome, at the time of Jesus, the strawman was called the pignus. There has been no change on earth in the debt game nor will there ever be. There is no reason for change. The powers that be train their human livestock well and always have.

Have a question that’s not answered here?

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.